Coaching brings the best out in people. Often it can truly transform lives. It is goal and action orientated, supporting you to move from where you are now to where you want to be, in relation to pretty much anything you wish to achieve. ​Seeking change is key. What you focus on changing is totally up to you and everything we discuss is confidential.

Corbiere Coaching delivers  Life coaching for personal development, Career coaching and CPD accredited Executive coaching for senior executives and small business owners. I’ve coached people on a wide variety of different areas from improving work life balance; setting up new businesses and building confidence; to coping with bereavement; career development; life fulfilment and more. See what others have to say about the impact of Corbiere Coaching.

My role as coach is to use a variety of techniques, tools and exercises to motivate, challenge and empower you to move forward. Your role is to set aside time and energy for the sessions and their follow up activities and actions.


It is important to find the right coach for you. I’m a qualified and accredited coach with significant corporate expertise. I'm not a fan of inspirational quotes or newsletters. I do love a good analogy - hence the lighthouse 'guiding which path to take'. (Corbiere lighthouse has a personal connection for me - find out more about this and my coaching style here).

Unlike many other coaches, I usually prefer to meet face to face in an informal relaxed setting such as a coffee shop, rather than holding sessions over the phone. 

To find out more, please contact me to arrange a free 

45 minute introduction session