On average, depending on where you live and what you do, you may spend more than a third of your life at work. Sadly for many, this time may not always be fulfilling. Surveys suggest that people think about changing jobs at least once a month but seemingly few actually take that bold step to move on. 


I have delivered a great deal of career coaching and have really enjoyed supporting people find fulfilling new roles - you can see what others say here. I decided to undertake additional training as a Firework™ Career Coach as the programme has been carefully tailored using research into best practice in career evaluation and transition, plus it is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. 

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If any of the following resonate with you, then my Firework™ Career Coaching programme could be helpful:

  • You have a good job and a successful career but remain unfulfilled 

  • You have never truly been happy at work 

  • You would like to return to work after a career break, but are not sure which direction to take

  • You feel stuck in a rut

  • You would like a career that is more aligned with your personal values, interests and passions

  • You have been made redundant and would like to know where to go next

  • You feel stressed and/or close to burnout

  • You've left University and are not sure what to do now

  • You have changed roles several times but still feel unhappy

  • Self-doubt is holding you back

  • You are in the fortunate position of having the time and resources to start again but are not sure what to do 

  • You would like to understand what truly motivates you and what your ideal job could be

Research shows that those who are most satisfied and motivated by their work are usually in careers which reflect who they really are. The Firework™ programme  is a structured three stage process, taking you on  a journey from uncertainty about your present career and not knowing what your next step might be, through to having a clear vision of a career that is absolutely right for you, and a plan for how to create it:

I was at a career standstill and through our coaching sessions I discovered what I wanted my life to look like. I wanted the balance of work, home and friends. I now have it !! 



This stage is all about self-knowledge. Through a series of tools and exercises you will explore:

  • your strengths, passions, interests and achievements

  • your favourite job skills, key work motivators and your preferred working organisation and environment.

By the end of EXPLORE you will have a greater understanding of what makes you tick and the kind of careers that would be ideal for you.

This is the creative stage.


Thinking big and thinking differently will allow you to generate career possibilities.

During this stage you will delve deeply into 1-3 potential career options, creating a compelling Vision for each  -  the most powerful of which you will explore further in the DISCOVER stage.


During this final phase you will explore your top career/role option - turning the Vision created in DREAM into an Action Plan. 


With coaching we will look at where you are now and how you are are going to get to where you would like to be.



Please contact me for fees  & payment options

The Firework™ programme is a powerful process that requires significant commitment over a three - six month period. You will need to invest time to complete the exploratory tools and exercises.

  • 1 x 90 minutes session and 11 sessions of 1 hour duration.


  • Sessions held fortnightly or weekly depending on your availability to complete the exercises

  • All sessions held face to face in W4 or online beyond

  • Exercises to be completed between sessions

  • Pre-session coach preparation

  • Post-session email reminders when required

If you'd like to find out more, please contact me to arrange a free 

45 minute introduction session