Executive coaching with Corbiere Coaching focuses on supporting those
working at a senior level within a corporate environment or small business owners.  

Coaching accelerates professional development by removing self-imposed limitations and raising awareness of attitudes and aptitudes that affect choices and performance.


CPD is a compulsory requirement across many sectors, especially for members of professional bodies. I am very proud to be one of a small number of coaches in the UK accredited by the CPD Standards Office.  This provides a tremendous added bonus, as our coaching sessions can contribute towards your professional and organisational CPD requirements.  I am authorised to issue a CPD certificate once our coaching programme is complete, featuring my unique provider reference number and the number of hours you have worked with me.

 Corinna really helped me focus on how to launch my new business whilst juggling my existing personal
commitments, in order to find the right work-life balance.


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It can be beneficial to work with a coach who has direct experience in your sector and/or specialism. I have 20 years marketing, communications and strategic planning experience at a national/international level across several sectors including media & creative industries; third sector; sustainability and travel. You can find out more about my roles with brands such as the BBC, British Airways, Alzheimer’s Society and UKTI here.

I've coached Executive clients in a range of areas including (you can see what others say here):

  • marketing & sales strategy

  • business plan development

  • productivity

  • career progression (If you wish to focus on your career in an in-depth way then my Career coaching package may be more appropriate).

  • work life balance

  • stress

  • time management & prioritisation

  • communication skills

  • removing self-imposed limitations

  • understanding self motivators and stressors

  • completing long term projects

  • personal meaning & fulfilment

​I offer initial four month packages of eight-sessions (plus an introduction session) for Executive coaching. Clients with large or very long-term goals tend to add extra sessions on afterwards. In comparison to Life coaching, each Executive coaching session is considerably longer at 90 minutes. If you wish to focus on your career in an in-depth way then my Career coaching package may be more appropriate.

I am an Accredited DiSC profile assessor and the package also includes a valuable complimentary in-depth profile. Increasing understanding of your own motivators/stressors; problem-solving approach and conflict response can be very powerful. During one of your coaching sessions we will explore your DISC profile results and I will provide you with an in-depth report to keep for future reference. Clients often credit DISC as aiding the development of their leadership skills, deepening their working relationships with others and boosting productivity.

Unlike many other coaches, I usually prefer to meet face to face in an informal relaxed setting such as a coffee shop, rather than holding sessions over the phone. However, during the pandemic all sessions will be held online via Skype or Zoom


  • Initial 45 minute consultation

  • EIGHT one to one coaching sessions (ideally fortnightly)

  • All sessions 90 MINUTES held face to face in W4 or online beyond

  • In-depth DiSC profile report

  • CPD Certificate relating to hours coached

  • Optional exercises to increase self-knowledge

Please contact me for fees  & payment options

If you'd like to find out more, please contact me to arrange a free 

45 minute introduction session